Case Design & Fabricating

At Case Design & Fabricating, we’re not just about creating pieces; we’re about crafting stories of excellence.

Everything Customized to YOU

From the first pencil stroke to the final polish, our creations resonate with meticulous accuracy and unparalleled elegance. The result? Millwork that’s not just precise, but also timeless.


Your preferences and necessities are blended into a transformative environment


We approach each design with an investigative mindset – every detail identifying (sculpting, molding) textures, functions, and efficiencies.


Quality craftsmanship assembled by blending design and details.

The Case Design & Fabricating Difference

 Our dedication to quality is relentless, ensuring that every piece we sculpt not only meets but surpasses the highest standards. With a team of seasoned artisans and craftsmen, we seamlessly blend age-old techniques with contemporary.

Whether you’re managing multiple projects, or concerned about compartmentalizing a space, or creating an aesthetic for your client, your vision should be flawlessly executed.